Privacy and Cybersecurity Litigation Trends and Survival Kit for Brand Owners

The trauma of a data breach, not to mention the hardships of litigation in the volatile areas of privacy and cybersecurity law, present challenges for even the most seasoned brand managers. While technology has enabled brand owners to exponentially expand their reach, it has also increased their exposure to liability, not only for data breaches but also for the mishandling of consumer data, which is regulated by an increasingly complex patchwork of privacy laws around the globe.

To dig into this topic that’s becoming more and more a part of our legal practice, INTA is delighted to provide a stellar panel of speakers: veteran IP and internet litigator Ian Ballon; Uber’s first Chief Privacy Officer and Associate General Counsel, Privacy & Cybersecurity, Ruby Zefo; and Airbnb’s Lead Counsel, Ann Staggs.

Mr. Ballon will provide a survey of trends in data breaches, privacy and cybersecurity class action litigation, including cases brought under the 2018 California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).  Ms. Zefo and Ms. Staggs will share lessons learned, including the need to proactively protect brands from these threats to customer trust and brand loyalty. 

Beyond dealing with sensational headlines and the court of public opinion, the program will provide strategies to help brands not only survive but thrive in the aftermath of a cybersecurity or privacy breach crisis.


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