General Counsel - Regulatory (CPG)

Elevation Capital
Nov 21, 2023
Nov 28, 2023
Contract Type

The Portfolio Company

This key leadership role is in a high–growth, high–energy, high–profit portfolio company of big thinkers and big doers. It is a CPG / beverage / dietary supplement company with a history of strong profitable growth as the number one product and brand in its emerging category. Through its expanding sales and distribution network, they are building a team to take current and new products to the global market and achieve exponential growth. With most of the leadership team formed, the opportunity is now to shape the regulatory framework governing expansion, grow revenue 10x–100x, and align with the strategies to achieve a highly lucrative exit.

The Role

We are looking for a vibrant, driven and well decorated strategic business leader whose full gamut experience in legal, regulatory and cross functional global business has made you a leader in your field. You have a mix of experience ranging from overseeing day to day legal in a hyper growth company, to leading complex advocacy issues. You will have a track record of successfully fighting for controversial innovation. Through your previous battles you have learned how to rapidly and safely grow a business in a highly innovative and regulated space while creating and maintaining sustainable competitive advantage. You have come to understand the relationship between high risk and high reward and find ways to navigate the thin line of compliance and advantage while always landing on the right side. You also have a driven nature and can do demeanor where "I can't" isn't a term in your vocabulary because you are creative in solving difficult challenges, while minimizing risk and maximizing compliance.

You will be a key member of the leadership team and will also participate in securing high profile executives and advisors, customers, and financial backers from banks, to underwriters, to strategic investment partners. You will lead our aggressive outbound litigation practice protecting assets, brand, and competitive advantage in all elements of the businesses. You will also lead all forms of liability mitigation, including foundational work protecting against inbound federal, state or customer–oriented litigation. Working with and through external counsel, you will be the key point of contact for all regulatory agencies.

In summary: this position will lay the groundwork for our category – being a right hand in advancements with federal and state legislation, navigating relationships with regulators, securing key partnerships from key customers, distributors, and underwriters, ultimately steering how we grow in a way that's safe, but innovative, while maximizing short–, medium– and long–term value. This role will report to our visionary and very driven CEO in a team oriented, fast paced, scrappy, and high growth/high profit business.

General Counsel – Regulatory

Core Responsibilities

  • Organize all legal needs of company in a detailed, dynamic, and highly responsive model
  • Drive the founder's vision to execution
  • Manage filings and pending regulatory/compliance FDA/DOJ claims, managing battle plans, PR, and other aspects of litigation
  • Full ownership over of all legal items for the portfolio
  • Recruit, expand and manage a lean internal legal team, utilizing and leading outside counsel as required
  • Review/modify/fix all agreements across businesses for maximum value and minimal risk, including ensuring all relationships across all businesses have properly executed agreements
  • Create a Portfolio–wide legal database where all documents are tracked, organized, and updated to reflect ongoing efforts and strategy
  • Create internal regulatory/compliance guidelines for future new product development
  • Provide oversight and leadership of the Federal and state lobby team and the creation and operation of various third–party organizations to advocate for our interests
  • In collaboration with sales,engage with key retail customers and distribution partners to secure their confidence, minimize their risk, and acquire their business
  • In collaboration with finance, develop capital acquisition and exit strategy and advocate with all stakeholders to successfully advance high value exit.


  • J.D. degree with strong academic credentials, MBA preferred
  • Active license to practice law in at least one country / state
  • FDA Dietary Regulatory/Compliance experience
  • A powerful network for US focused regulatory and political success
  • A background in science and experience with its use to defend and attack in the process of opening and securing value in a category.
  • A minimum of 10+ years of US legal experience at least 5 of which is in a head of legal function
  • Extensive experiences with various regulatory agencies in fields such as supplements, pharmaceuticals, cannabis and/or alcohol
  • Previous experience in managing/leading state and federal lobbying to successfully stop and advance strategic legislation including mobilization of public affairs initiatives as required
  • Diverse and extensive inbound and outbound litigation experience including, state, state federal, trademark and consumer liability
  • Previous successful experience working with highly driven entrepreneurial founders and CEO's
  • Ability to work autonomously, taking accountability without a huge team behind them
  • Highly detailed and organized communication style, including the ability to advantage in highly charged fast moving environments
  • You are technologically savvy, quick with tools e.g., O365, G–suite, and great at building visual reports and decision trees; and
  • Willingness and ability to work the hours it takes to be successful

Preference will be shown to those candidates with:

  • D. degree and MBAdegree is strongly preferred.
  • FDA Dietary Regulatory/Compliance experience highly preferred
  • A powerful network for US focused regulatory and political success
  • A background in dealing with scientific legal issues and experience with its use to defend and attack in the process of opening and securing value in a category.


Visionary– You see the future and you create it. In your highly connected and highly trusted relationships with all stakeholders, you are a credible and informed beacon for opportunity and possibility. Where others see impossibility, you see massive opportunity, andcanarticulate it in a highly credible and compelling way.

Leader– You have a natural style of leadership that attracts highly talented people and inspires them to find, hold and conquer mountains, as a team. You have a group of peoplethat follow you to where you go, are a great judge of talent, and are a strong force for creating an unstoppable winning culture.

Relentless– you have deep internal motivation towin andhave a clear track record of perseverance and accomplishment under difficult circumstances. You are at a place in your life where you are prepared to dedicate yourself to your work and youare ready to build something meaningful on a global scale.

Organized–In a world of risks everywhere, you bring a highly organized and detail–oriented approach to all your work that allows you to be precise yet expedient in a fast growth, high stakes environment that is constantly changing. Youcan managea wide variety of projects, contracts, conversations, issues, and risks in a manner that clearly demonstrates competence.

Strategic– Where others are stuck in checkers, you play a strong game of chess. Whether it is an agreement with a business partner or a federal bill, you think many moves ahead. You can factor many variables in complex situations and know how to apply powerful tools such as public opinion, lobbying, key relationships, litigation, financials analysis, and highly engaged strategic partners to make the impossible possible.

Motivated– You are at a place in your life where you are ready to be all in. You have the energy, experience, intelligence, focus, leadership, and stomach to take on a controversial category and drive it to the billion dollars plus exit. Your experience to date has led to here and you have the WILL to write history.