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Nov 17, 2023
Dec 15, 2023
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Job #: req25085 Organization: World Bank Sector: Legal Grade: GE Term Duration: 3 years 0 months Recruitment Type: International Recruitment Location: Washington, DC,United States Required Language(s): English Preferred Language(s): Closing Date: 12/4/2023 (MM/DD/YYYY) at 11:59pm UTC Description

Doyou want to build a career that is truly worthwhile? Working at the World BankGroup provides a unique opportunity for you to help our clients solve theirgreatest development challenges.
The World Bank Group (WBG) is one of the world's largest sources ofdevelopment assistance and global expertise for developing countries. WBGconsists of five institutions that specialize in different aspects ofdevelopment: the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD),the International Development Association (IDA), which together form the WorldBank: the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Multilateral InvestmentGuarantee Agency (MIGA), and the International Centre for the Settlement ofInvestment Disputes (ICSID). For additional information, please visit

With twin goals of ending extreme poverty and promoting sharedprosperity, the WBG works in more than 100 developing economies to improveliving standards and to fight poverty. For each of its clients, the WBG workswith government agencies, nongovernmental organizations, and the privatesector to formulate assistance strategies. A network of offices worldwidedelivers the programs in countries, liaises with governments and civilsociety, and works to increase understanding of development issues. The WorldBank is owned by 189 member countries whose views and interests arerepresented by a Board of Governors and a Washington, DC–based Board ofDirectors. With more than 150 offices worldwide, the WBG works with publicand private sector partners, investing in groundbreaking projects and usingdata, research, and technology to develop solutions to the most urgent globalchallenges.

The World Bank Group is one of the world's largest sources offunding and knowledge for developing countries. It uses financial resourcesand extensive experience to help our client countries to reduce poverty,increase economic growth, and improve quality of life. To ensure thatcountries can access the best global expertise and help generate cutting–edgeknowledge, the World Bank Group is constantly seeking to improve the way itworks. Key priorities include delivering measurable results, promotingopenness and transparency in development, and improving access to developmentinformation and data.

Legal Vice Presidency. In the context of theWorld Bank's broad development agenda, the Legal Vice Presidency (LEG), underthe Senior Vice President and Group General Counsel (SVP–GC), is responsiblefor providing legal advice and support to internal and external Bank clientson operational, advisory, financial, administration, and institutionalmatters.
LEGIA. Lawyersin the Institutional Affairs Practice Group (LEGIA) provide legal advice andservices throughout the World Bank Group, including for the Regional VicePresidencies, the Human Resources Vice Presidency, the Information andTechnology Solution Vice Presidency, the Internal Justice System VicePresidency, the Global Corporate Solutions Department Vice Presidency, theExternal and Corporate Relations Vice Presidency, the Ethics and InternalJustice Vice Presidency the Strategy, Performance, and Administration VicePresidency, as well as to International Finance Corporation (IFC),Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) and International Centre forSettlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) regarding the institutional affairsof these institutions within the responsibility of the World Bank GroupCounsel.

LEGIA invites qualified candidates to apply for an Associate Counsel position based at HQ in Washington, D.C.
Selectedcandidate will work under the general supervision of the Deputy GeneralCounsel. The Associate Counsel will be a lawyer who can operate independentlyto handle legal and policy issues related to the Bank's work while workingcollaboratively with other lawyers within LEGIA and LEG as a whole.

Responsibilitiesand Accountabilities

TheAssociate Counsel position requires demonstrated ability of rigorousanalytical skills, to work harmoniously in a team, and to exercise goodjudgment. The level and quality of these skills will be a determining factorin the selection for the position, and references will be given considerationin this determination.

TheAssociate Counsel will be expected to handle the following areas ofresponsibility:

–Draft, review, negotiate andfinalize legal agreements under the Associate Counsel's portfolio.
–Review and support negotiationsof corporate procurement contracts.
–Draft and revise pleadings andsubmissions to the Bank's Administrative Tribunal.
–Advise on issues related todata privacy, intellectual property, and data integrity.
–Advise on issues related to the WorldBank Sanctions system.
–Participate in or lead on initiatives or teams, through coordination of portfolios or programs, management of client relationships, participating in dialogue on corporate priorities and other areas relevant to the assigned functional scope.
–Providelegal advice to ongoing projects and programs, including reviewingproject and program documents, for adherence to World Bank Grouppolicies, procedures and business objectives.
–Conductcomparative legal analyses on a range of issues in operations, identifylegal and policy issues, research for relevant precedents, and proposeappropriate solutions to colleagues and clients.
–Engage inpolicy discussions and negotiations with officials internally andexternally, developing relationships with members of the legalprofession and lawyers working in development partner agencies.
–Protect theWorld Bank's interests and promote its goals and values.
–Write andreview policy papers, undertake legal research on topics in an area ofconcentration and contribute to dissemination of policy and bestpractices in a given field.
–Prepare legalbriefs on diverse topics, as required.
–Work toadvance the LEG VPU's knowledge management agenda and use of technology;and
–Perform ad hocassignments as requested by the Deputy General Counsel or designatedLead/Senior Counsel.

Selection Criteria

An LLB degree, LLM degree, J.D. or equivalent, with a minimum of two (2) years of relevant experience, and admission to the Bar (or equivalent) in at least one jurisdiction is required.


General Competencies Required

–Excellent legal research,writing, drafting, analytical and communications skills.
–Excellentinterpersonal skills.
–Experience ininternational, commercial or contract law, in transactional legal workand the preparation and negotiation of legal agreements.
–Excellentlegal drafting skills, including of agreements and legal memos.
–Excellentorganizational skills.
–Proven abilityto operate effectively as a member of one or more teams; must be aself–starter and collaborate well with others; ability to exercise soundjudgment in recognizing what issues to bring to the attention of theChief Counsel and/or another supervising Lead Counsel, and which tohandle autonomously.
–Proven abilityto deal sensitively in multicultural and multi–ethnic environments andbuild effective working relationships with clients and colleagues.
–Ability tosupervise and work with local counsel in a collaborative and collegialway.
–Ability towork under time pressure and to manage multiple tasks within tightdeadlines.

OtherCompetencies Required

LegalDrafting, Research and Communication: Proven ability to draft transactionaldocumentation (e.g., procurement agreements or commercial contracts),briefings and a variety of legal instruments and related documentsindependently. Conducts researchas necessary to acquire insight and information. Is aware of the need for precision andfocus on quality. Uses a writingstyle that is clear and precise.

Independence:Carries out work with due care, preparing accurate documents andreports, ensuring that pertinent facts are fairly presented withoutseeking to obfuscate (either through too much information or withholdingrelevant information). Interpretsinformation in an objective manner, exercising professional skepticismwhen required.

ProfessionalMaturity: Understands others and the reasonsfor their behavior. Takes the time to clarifying others' points of viewso that progress can be made particularly in situations of stress orconflict. Proven ability to deal sensitively and effectively acrossorganizational boundaries, as a team member, in multi–culturalenvironments and build effective working relations with clients andcolleagues. Accepts andimplements decisions made by management.

LegalReasoning:Breaks down problems into their component parts. Articulates the implications of situationsin a step–by–step way. Remainsobjective when reviewing problems or situations to understand theissues. Makes sure to seek orpossess all relevant facts.

Recommendsand takes decisive action: Applies critical thinking and seeksinputs and experience from others to recommend a course of actionconsistent with the WBG's strategy.Evaluates risk and anticipates the short and long–termimplications of decisions . click apply for full job details