Our client, a music (K-pop) and mass media company, is looking for a

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Los Angeles
Apr 02, 2024
Apr 30, 2024
Trademark Agent
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Our client, a music (K–pop) and mass media company, is looking for a Junior Music Lawyer with an aptitude for commercial and technology contracts, and a strong familiarity with the current developments in both domestic and international music markets.


  • This is a newly created role within the Business and Legal Affairs team based in Los Angeles and will be a key member of the team leading the development and success of their U.S. label services business.


  • Partner closely with internal business counterparts to negotiate and deliver partnerships with record companies, music publishers, emerging and established music artists, music production teams, artist managers, music licensees, major brands, and other key stakeholders across the entertainment industry.
  • Partner with cross–functional teams including the A&R team, the Marketing team, the Finance team, the Global Partnerships team, the Product Management team, the Compliance team, and more.
  • Draft deal proposals, assist with business modelling, negotiation of commercial terms and drafting, and negotiation of a wide variety of standard and bespoke commercial and entertainment contracts.
  • Structure and negotiate recording agreements, distribution agreements, co–publishing agreements, and publishing administration agreements with established and high potential emerging artists and songwriters.
  • Draft and negotiate synch licenses, label waivers, and other standard and non–standard agreements with record labels, publishers, and a broad variety of music licensees.
  • Negotiate and draft various bespoke partnership and joint venture agreements with music industry stakeholders.
  • Research and advise A&R, marketing, creator services, royalty operations, finance, and other departments regarding contractual obligations and restrictions.
  • Lead pre–litigation efforts in investigating, analyzing, and responding to a variety of claims, including copyright, audit, breach of contract, publicity and trademark claims, and invasion of privacy.
  • Engage with outside counsel and supervise their work as requested.


  • Qualified lawyer (under the California State Bar) with 3 to 4 years of relevant experience and ideally at least 2 of those years at a prominent record label, law firm, or in–house legal department handling music and intellectual property licensing transactions.
  • Experience negotiating domestic and international commercial contracts and working knowledge of the Music Modernization Act and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (prerequisites).
  • Solid understanding of the digital music rights landscape in the U.S.
  • Experience in negotiating complex rights deals of international scope.
  • Experience of supporting and reporting to senior legal team members.
  • Experience working closely with A&Rs and other creative teams.
  • Strong cultural awareness and skill at navigating interpersonal and business practice differences across different cultures.
  • Good relationships within the music, media, and/or consumer tech industry.
  • Excellent drafting and negotiation skills.
  • Deep understanding of the digital music rights landscape.
  • Advanced experience negotiating standard music industry deals (i.e., record deals, distribution deals, producer deals, synch licenses, etc.).
  • Knowledge of Web 3.0 technologies as it relates to music rights.

This is a full–time, permanent opportunity with a competitive salary and benefits package. The role is hybrid and requires being in the office 3 days a week in their Culver City office. Qualified candidates, please submit resumes to for an immediate reply.

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  • Norfolk Island
  • Northern Mariana Islands +1
  • Norway (Norge)
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